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How are precision farming consultants building more profitable relationships?

You are already lowering your customer’s production risk with your precision farming expertise. Take the next step to help lower their price risk as well.

But what if I told you, there’s a whole new way to add value for your clients, regardless of how busy they keep you in your primary job functions?

All too often, farmers prefer to focus on their role as producers much more than the multi-faceted role of being a successful business manager. Precision farming consultants are well-respected among farmers for helping them fulfil their role as a producer,  and are now enabled to use that rapport to add even more value.

Leading precision farming consultants are taking the next step towards increasing their customers’ lifetime value by using the new CropsProfit platform!

What is CropsProfit?

CropsProfit is an easy and reliable mobile cloud platform; a safe place where you and your customers can create crop marketing plans as a team. When the market price changes over the season and you are able to reach your Profit Goals, CropsProfit’s algorithm will indicate transactions that are based on the details of your crop marketing plan.

CropsProfit is the digital home for all things productive, allowing team members to input data and increase profitability together!

Why CropsProfit could be considered a precision farming technology?

Just like your partnership and precision technologies help farmers make the right production-related decisions, CropsProfit helps teams make better crop pricing decisions with your precision data.

Create teams with each of your customers. As a member on each team, you can now manage your own portfolio of customers. Use each team’s free 30-day trial to help them get started.

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