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How the CropsProfit advantage and the app came to life…

Words from Deon Graupner

Founder of CropsProfit

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In the heartland of the Free State in South Africa, I was a grain farmer wrestling with unpredictable market prices and ever-changing weather conditions. Each year unfolded like a game of chance – sometimes, I won, and sometimes I lost. It was a relentless cycle of uncertainty that’s taken its toll over the years, gradually wearing me down. There was a day after a substantial loss from an unexpected plunge in grain prices, and I realised I couldn’t continue farming on blind faith. It was then that the idea of CropsProfit took root.

I designed CropsProfit for grain farmers like myself, those grappling with the endless uncertainties of market prices and climate changes. It’s a pioneering technology solution, a unique price risk management tool that aims to empower farmers, guiding them through the rugged terrains of the grain farming industry. Born from real-life hardship and backed by rigorous scientific research, it’s a tool that aims to optimise and stabilise profitability season after season.

CropsProfit is a guide to profit goals, a reliable companion, and keeps track of changes in market prices or yield variations. Its primary focus is profit margin hedging, helping to optimise and stabilise profits. Rather than attempting to predict the future, it informs users about actions to take right now.

But CropsProfit isn’t just for grain farmers; it benefits the entire supply chain. It provides traders, buyers, and sellers of crops the power they need to take on the role of Crop Portfolio Managers. It offers the tools necessary for impartial collaboration. Precision farming services, financiers, and agronomists find value in this tool as it helps to mitigate risk for their clients and guide them towards more consistent profits.

For academics and students, CropsProfit is a valuable resource, facilitating learning, teaching, and conducting research with reliable, real-time data in realistic scenarios. Food brand representatives also benefit from this technology, gaining access to essential supplier insights and fostering long-lasting relationships.

CropsProfit isn’t merely a mobile app; it’s a catalyst for change in grain farming. It combines years of wisdom, cutting-edge technology, and a steadfast commitment to empowering grain farmers and their supply chain partners. It’s a partner in profit, a guard against volatility, and the key to success. With CropsProfit, users aren’t merely surviving; they’re thriving, paving the way for a future where harvested grain amounts to a profitable yield.

Welcome to CropsProfit, where security is in better aligned with a harvest.

Comments from Cobus Coetsee

Technical lead on CropsProfit

Our easy-to-use app is complemented by a wide range of cloud technologies. We ensure you have access to real-time market information and team activities. By connecting the details of your farm’s situation to real-time market information, you get insights into marketing your crops and making consistent profits – like you have never seen before.

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