Our value proposition

Empowering the agricultural sector with tailored solutions for enhanced profitability, informed decisions, and stronger relationships.

How CropsProfit provides value for you

Crop farmers

  1. Risk Management: A mechanism designed to help protect your profits from market price fluctuations.
  2. Better Decision-Making: Use real-time data to make structured, informed decisions, free from emotional influence.
  3. Focus on Farming: Get notifications and delegate to your team.
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Traders, buyers and sellers of crops

  1. Business Stability: Through improved farmer profit stability and loyalty.
  2. Farmer Retention: Strengthened client relationships through collective problem-solving.
  3. Trade Emotionless: A structured approach that doesn't require price predictions.
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Precision farming services

(Input Providers, Agronomists, Agtech Supply Chain Integrators, and Producer Organisations.)

  1. Risk Mitigation: Improve your financial viability by assisting farmers in managing volatile grain prices.
  2. Improved Financial Performance for Clients: Help stabilise your farming clients' profitability to create a competitive advantage.
  3. Expertise and Knowledge: Use your deep industry knowledge for insightful guidance in farmers’ crop marketing plans.
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Financiers & consultants

  1. Credit Risk Reduction: By helping farmers manage their price risk.
  2. Client Loyalty: Strengthen client relationships and enhance retention through collective problem-solving.
  3. Portfolio Growth: Foster lending portfolio growth with more stable farmer cash flows.
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Academics and students

  1. Work-Integrated Learning: Apply price risk management theory in real-world scenarios.
  2. Data Analysis Skills: Develop sought-after data analysis skills.
  3. Technological Proficiency: Boost vital technical skills.
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Food brand representatives

  1. Risk Management: Enhance the appeal of your service by helping to stabilise farmers' profitability.
  2. Quality Control Improvement: Enhance visibility and influence over the quality of crops you supply
  3. Boost Farmer Relations: Provide actionable insights and collective problem-solving.
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tried and tested

Tried and tested

A scientifically-driven B2B solution for Agri-Stakeholders: Adaptive grain price risk management under price and climate uncertainty