Our value proposition

We help farmers and other grain production supply chain participants work together to know when to sell a crop

How CropsProfit provides value for you

This price risk management strategy helps stabilise grain farmers' income streams in an environment where market prices, weather conditions and other factors constantly change.

Crop farmers

  • Achieve your profit goals by taking control of your crop marketing with an easy-to-use mobile phone app that helps you to make informed decisions quickly.
  • See exactly how much money you can make at this moment and nobody is trying to predict what direction crop prices are going.
  • Share the work of marketing your crops, making decisions and updating your plans by creating a team of up to five members you trust.

Traders, buyers and sellers of crops

  • Distinguish yourself as a Crop Portfolio Manager by setting up or joining the teams of all your existing and future farming clients.
  • Get access to live market prices and the unique facts about your clients' farms so that you can offer impartial feedback on transactions without the risk.
  • Earn the trust of your farming clients, and get the inside track on transactions so you can grow your business in a mutually beneficial way.

Precision farming services

  • Impress your clients with the latest in crop marketing technology by introducing them to the easy-to-use mobile app and setting up their teams.
  • Help your clients create more realistic crop marketing plans by being a trusted member of their team.
  • You are already lowering your client's production risk, now take the next step to also lower their price risk and make them more profitable.

Financiers & consultants

  • Increase your customer base by establishing yourself as a hands-on member of your clients' teams, helping them mitigate risk and make more consistent profits.
  • Onboard your existing portfolio of clients, collaborate, create trust and get advance warning in cases of compromised debt repayment abilities.
  • Easy and immediate access to real-time pricing data to help your clients create and manage personalised crop marketing plans from your mobile phone.

Academics and students

  • Create and evaluate live crop marketing plans based on reliable, real-time pricing data and seasonal comparisons for work-integrated learning (WIL).
  • Learn about and teach through the latest in decision-making, crop marketing technology because it's easy to use on your mobile phone.
  • Organise group work remotely and structure relevant research topics into projects.

Food brand representatives

  • Gain immediate access to reliable, real-time, crop pricing data on an easy-to-use mobile phone application.
  • Set up or join your suppliers' teams as a way to establish loyal, long-term relationships.
  • Learn first-hand about changes in your suppliers' production volumes, quality and other valuable insights.

tried and tested

Tried and tested

CropsProfit works with a profit margin hedging, risk management methodology, proven to be effective when used correctly. The mobile phone app makes it easy to do that by accurately factoring in all crop marketing variables.