Profit Stability for Agri-Operators

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Logic mechanism

The CropsProfit app uses profit margin hedging to manage seasonal crop marketing plans.

Crop marketing plans

View all your crop marketing plans on one page and never miss a profit opportunity. Feel secure operating a more viable and successful business. No need to constantly worry about what the market is doing. Each season is a crop marketing plan linked to live market prices.

At the cost of R12 / hectare, CropsProfit could increase the profitability of your farm by R1,716 / hectare (based on research and average calculations for an 800-hectare maize farm in South Africa).

CropsProfit core benefits

For Crop Farmers, Traders, Financiers, Precision Farming Services, Food Brand Representatives, Agricultural Academics and anyone else involved in the agricultural value chain.

Personalised crop marketing plans

Because no two farms are the same, crop marketing plans must be tailor-made to work for you

Live market prices

Stay on top of the crop market by being able to make informed decisions in real-time

Sense of security

Feel secure about the future because you're operating a more viable business

Powerful teams functionality

You can work together by creating a team, inviting others to join or managing multiple teams

Quickly adapt to change

Cope better with unforeseen changes by easily updating your marketing plan during a season

What is CropsProfit?

  • It is an easy-to-use, cloud-based mobile phone app with real-time, reliable information.
  • You can tailor-make crop marketing plans, set profit goals and track your progress on it.
  • As market prices change over the season, CropsProfit simulates transactions based on all your details, so you can reach your profit goals.
  • The amount of your crop to sell will then increase as your profit increases.

How do you use CropsProfit?

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