The benefits of CropsProfit far outweigh the cost of the app

App pricing & features

At the cost of R12 / hectare, CropsProfit could increase the profitability of your farm by R1,716 / hectare (based on average calculations for an 800-hectare maize farm in South Africa).


incl. VAT
per team per month

Create multiple teams to qualify for a discount of up to 30% off your subscription. Get help with that here .

Free first month

Get your first 30 days of full access to all for free before your subscription activates.

Safe subscription

Approved by the app stores where you have already saved your private payment details.

Our guarantee

You can opt out of your subscription during your first 30 days and not be charged, or cancel at any time.

Data security

Your personal data is never shared and authentication is done through a reputable third party.


The app is supported on your Android or Apple mobile phone.


Only the creator of a team pays for the subscription and they can add up to four team members. The team’s subscription can be taken over by any member and you can also be part of multiple teams.


All crops traded on the electronic markets can be managed by the app. If your crop does not show, please Contact Us.


You can create crop marketing plans and store information for an unlimited amount of seasons.

Logic mechanism

Profit margin hedging is used as the mechanism to manage seasonal crop marketing plans.


Resources include the Help Centre and Blog as well as helpful Knowa who can answer your questions on the website and app.

No advertising

You won’t be interrupted by adverts while using the CropsProfit app.


Receive helpful emails from CropsProfit and reach out any time via the Contact Us page on the website or directly from the app.

Graphs at a glance

Easy to understand graphs you can screenshot using your mobile phone and share with your contacts.

World-class technology

CropsProfit is available in South Africa and growing with international demand.

Market price data

Live and historic information is available on the app.


APIs available on request – please Contact Us if this appeals to you.

Main features

Profit goals, personalised push notifications, transactions, simulations, seasonal comparison, performance tables, activity logs, team participation, graphs, history tables and more.

Language support

The app and most of our communications are currently available in English.

Valued users

Crop farmers, buyers and sellers of crops, traders, financiers and consultants, academics or students, food brand representatives, precision farming services and so on.