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Actively using the app means making profitable decisions

How the app works

CropsProfit combines live market prices with an easy-to-use mobile app where you can add all the unique information about your crop farming operation, custom-make crop marketing plans and track your progress each season.

During every crop's marketing season there is a profitable time, the problem is that nobody really knows when it will be. The app doesn't try to predict the future, but helps you choose the transactions you want to make when you reach your profit goals. As market price changes during a season, you are better equipped to make profitable decisions. As the amount of money you make increases, you are advised to increase the amount you sell. The experts call this profit margin hedging, which simply means protecting the money you make from selling crops.

How the CropsProfit app works

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How to set up your seasonal crop marketing plans. How to customise all variables to fit your operation. How to set profit goals, read the results and make great decisions.

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