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How to establish yourself as a reputable crop portfolio manager

As a trader or other professional in the crop marketing value chain, you can now distinguish yourself in a new role as a trusted CropsProfit portfolio manager for farmers.

Create teams with each of your clients. As a member of each team, you can now manage your own portfolio of clients. Use each team’s free 30-day trial to help them get started.

As you earn more of your client’s trust, you will be able to execute more transactions which can generate a substantial revenue stream for you.

Now there’s a proven solution called CropsProfit.

What is CropsProfit?

CropsProfit is an easy and reliable mobile cloud platform for personalised crop marketing plans – a safe place where you can create crop marketing plans as a member of each of your farming clients teams.

As the live market prices change for each crop over a crop marketing plan and your teams are able to reach their Profit Goals, CropsProfit’s algorithm indicates transactions for each marketing cycle based on each crop marketing plan’s details.

You can also assist your teams by continuously updating the details on each crop marketing plan, creating more relevant talking points with clients regarding critical crops production variables, profit goals and their relation to market prices.

Profit margin hedging is simplified and you are at the centre of the action as Portfolio Manager. Apply your own expertise and drive better decision-making within each team!

How does CropsProfit apply to you?

Whether you consider yourself a trader, consultant or the newer ‘Portfolio Manager’, CropsProfit gives you the opportunity to foster stronger relationships by enabling you to have much more relevant talking points with your clients in agriculture.

Within the platform, there is a “teams” section, where any team member can add up to 4 other members (free users) to form his/her team. Once you’re all in, you now have a digital home base for all things productive!

Being part of a CropsProfit team and checking in every now and again will give you valuable insight into your client’s crop marketing risk and how it is dealt with. You can meaningfully contribute to how risk is managed and profits are generated!

Establish yourself as a leading, hands-on Portfolio Manager, who’s truly invested in your clients’ well-being and gain all the advantages that come with it.

As you earn more of your client’s trust as their CropsProfit Portfolio Manager you will be able to execute more transactions that can generate a substantial revenue stream for you.

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