why build personalised crop marketing plans

Why build personalised crop marketing plans with CropsProfit?

Operating a competitive and highly profitable business in this new age comes with the task of being consistently dynamic.

In light of that, let’s talk about why you should consider building personalised crop marketing plans with CropsProfit, an intuitive cloud platform…

Achieve consistently great results

When powered by CropsProfit, your personalised crop marketing plans can help you to achieve consistently great results.

Each season’s variables such as profit goals, area seeded, break-even cost, harvest yield, total expected harvest, and other factors are easy to input and transform into actionable insights. Using smart calculations, visualisations, and algorithms to indicate transactions, CropsProfit simplifies this comprehensive data into an easy to understand showcase.

Address your uniqueness

On CropsProfit, personalised crop marketing plans easily address the uniqueness of seasons, geographic areas, and farming operations.

Not only does the platform take a multitude of factors into consideration when planning a season, but it also keeps the doors open to change and re-formulates the transactional recommendations it makes based on new situations on the farm and in the market.

For example, every season’s basis delivery differential is easy to change and the profit will be recalculated.

Without the ability to experiment easily, often we don’t – and the cost of this is not learning how to improve rapidly. On CropsProfit, it’s quick and simple to experiment with the outcomes of different season variables that influence transactional timing of simulations – giving you peace of mind about your decisions.

Less stress

CropsProfit enables you to have a plan in place, this goes a long way to lowering fear and greed.

With smart planning, a proper pricing strategy must consider your financial goals, cash flow needs, price objectives, storage costs, anticipated production, and appetite for risk.

CropsProfit’s user-friendly technology allows you to input season- and transaction-related data on the app, resulting in helpful recommendations and enabling you to visualise the implications of your actions.

With CropsProfit’s guiding light, the creation (and execution) of personalised crop marketing plans instills a feeling of control and confidence to make better marketing decisions.


Greater potential to collaborate with a team of trusted business partners.

The app allows up to 5 team members under one subscription and this comes with many benefits. Financiers (for example) can get an overview of your season plan and costs while looking at graphs of certain and uncertain harvest in relation to market prices.

Now you can have far more productive conversations with your precision farming consultant, trader/portfolio manager, and family!

Pre-harvest pricing made easy

In the pre-harvest period, there is generally a lot of uncertainty about what the final harvest yield will be, therefore the reluctance to do pricing. Simplifying the pricing process in this period, and using the correct marketing tools are important factors. Uncertain harvest shows the size of the pre-harvest part of a season and a single variable called deliverable harvest is used to manage the size of an uncertain harvest.

CropsProfit helps simplify pre-harvest planning with a simple but powerful graphic display of the certain and uncertain harvest, profit goals in relation to the live market prices and simulations of transactions to guide decision making. Unlimited demo crop marketing plans as well as the ability to create your own historic seasons will also give you more confidence with your pre-harvest pricing strategy. With CropsProfit, you get these insights along with technology that brings simplicity to managing all the variables you need to consider.

Knowing when the market is offering a profit

This feature is at the core of the app. Integrating live market prices into every season’s crop marketing plan immediately indicates a season’s crop marketing plan’s profitability on the home screen.

To make it easy, when there are transactions to do, you will see a red dot on a season on the home screen. All of a season’s variables like break-even cost, harvest yield, cost of marketing instruments, basis delivery differential, storage cost after harvest, profit goals and more are instantly taken into account to arrive at a net profit.

Good reporting 

Being able to see where you did things right and where it went wrong is very important for the success of future crop marketing plans.

CropsProfit offers innovative reporting to view and manage each crop marketing plan:

  1. A performance table to monitor each season as it progresses. Tap on a season and then tap on the performance icon on the bottom of the screen.
  2. Graphs are accessed when you tap on a season, the red and orange dots above a season’s price graph shows where transactions were done and the green and blue lines indicate your lowest profit goals. The sold graph shows your total harvest for the season as well as how much of that harvest has been sold during the season.
  3. A compare functionality – long press on any season on the home screen. You can compare a season to itself, to other seasons of the same crop and to all crops.

** To make copies of any report just use your mobile phone’s built-in screenshot functionality.

Integrate price risk management principles

The following principles are seamlessly integrated into the CropsProfit app:

  • Which types of marketing tools to use and when?
  • How big a transaction must be? (See position sizing.)
  • How often to do transactions? (See marketing cycles.)
  • On CropsProfit, clear exit strategies are based on reaching the preset profit goals for a season. The profit goals can also be changed at any time during a season.

Ready to get deeper insights?

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