Proven results

The CropsProfit advantage has been put to the test

Long-term case study for white maize

A success story.

Seasons Net profit above total break-even cost
% R/Ha
2013/14 57% R 4 462
2014/15 35% R 2 803
2015/16 26% R 2 196
2016/17 62% R 5 310
2017/18 30% R 2 679
2018/19 20% R 1 857
2019/20 66% R 7 134
2020/21 34% R 3 309
Average 41% R 3 719

How to read this case study

  • The aim of this study is to show you how CropsProfit serves its purpose , season after season.
  • It uses actual farmer’s break-even costs, planned harvest yields and final harvest yields.
  • The same lowest net profit goal of 20% above total break-even cost and seeded area were used for all seasons.
  • Profits fluctuated each season, but the CropsProfit model caught the curveballs and helped to ensure consistent profitability despite changing market and weather conditions.
  • All costs, including marketing, were covered and a profit was made each season.
  • Create your own season from your old data to see for yourself. If you have any problems, invite someone you trust to join your team and to help you.
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