financier guide to success

The financier’s guide to success with crop farmers

Financing clients in the farming industry is challenging because often they don’t give you the best idea of what’s happening on the ground.

The purpose of this blog is to help you gain continuous business from farmers by making them feel more cared for. It’s now easier than ever!

What is CropsProfit?

CropsProfit is an easy and reliable mobile cloud platform, a safe place to create personalised crop marketing plans. CropsProfit allows for quick and effective crop price risk management planning, whilst interacting with live crop market prices!

How Does CropsProfit apply to financiers & consultants?

Within the platform, there is a “teams” section, where you can participate with your crop farming customer in real-time.

As a financier, you’ll be able to see the farmer’s current situation at a glance. From clear visualisations of his season variables for each crop, profit goal, and transactional history – you’ll have key talking points enabling you to add more value and gain valuable insight about the price risk your farmers are exposed to.

Establish yourself as a leading, hands-on financier who’s truly invested in your clients’ well-being and gain all the advantages that come with it.

CropsProfit’s Benefits for Financiers

  • By you facilitating a structured approach to crop marketing, your customer’s debt repayment ability will improve.
  • Being part of a CropsProfit team can give you or your employees valuable insight into your customer’s crop marketing risk and how it is managed. You can contribute meaningfully to the way that risk is managed.
  • You can make a subscription to CropsProfit a prerequisite for approving your customer’s loans, you also have the option to pay their subscription fees for them.

Impressed by CropsProfit’s benefits for Financiers?

See more benefits of CropsProfit for Financiers by downloading the app below:

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