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A new farmers’ app to help crop farmers better manage their crop prices (applies to the SAFEX maize price, wheat prices, CBOT corn prices and more.)

Introduction to crop farmers’ new sidekick

Traditionally, putting together an extremely well-informed crop marketing plan has been a challenge for crop farmers. It involves a lot of paperwork and decisions that derive from various sources and which need to be compiled manually and constantly evaluated in relation to live market prices. Now, everything has changed. You as a crop farmer now have a mobile platform to simplify the creation and continuous fulfilment of your crop marketing plans.

Let’s uncover more about how CropsProfit does this

How does CropsProfit work to keep you in tune with the SAFEX maize price; wheat prices, CBOT corn prices? 

CropsProfit was designed to feel like the apps we use every day, so it understands that no two farms are the same, enabling you to create truly personalised crop marketing plans. You can organise and store information inside a dynamic interface that translates your input into actionable insights that are well informed by live crop prices. CropsProfit takes each of your season’s unique crop data you input and transforms it into a visually represented overview of your current business situation. Aside from all the built-in calculations, algorithms and graphs CropsProfit automates for you, at the very core of CropsProfit is the following idea: “If you’re meeting your profit goal today, why not sell some of your crop?”

The philosophy of selling some of your crop when your profit goals are met.

The two consecutive seasons below were characterised by extreme price volatility which nobody was able to predict, yet CropsProfit navigated them both profitably. A practical illustration of the reliability of this philosophy.

For a more detailed look at the study, you can go to the Proven Results page on the website.

Proven Results 2015 16 Graph
Proven Results 2016 17 Graph

(Orange dots are where our options were bought, and the red dots are where forward fixed-price contracts were concluded.)

The proven CropsProfit advantage to keep abreast with the SAFEX maize price; wheat prices, CBOT corn prices and more.

We decided to put our simulation technology to the test by examining the average net profit per hectare of ten anonymous farmers for each of the crops (white maize, sunflower and soybeans) over three seasons. The farmer’s data was sourced from a reputable company that operates a bureau service for commercial crop farmers for more than 20 years.

We then loaded the average break-even costs of the ten farmers for each of the crops (white maize, sunflower and soybeans), their planned harvest yields and their final harvest yields and loaded it into CropsProfit to calculate its simulated net profit per hectare.

The same profit goals above break-even cost were set for all three crops and all three seasons. The lowest profit goals were set at 20% and 1% of each crop’s total harvest was sold per week. The ideal profit goals were set at 30% and 5% of each crop’s total harvest was sold per week. Provision was also made for transaction fees and storage costs. Result: CropsProfit’s simulated average net profit per hectare for all three crops over three seasons was consistent and 45% higher than that of the anonymous control groups.

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